109A Fourth Avenue, Ottawa, ON, K1S 2L3





Office Hours Mon-Wed 8-4 Thurs-Fri 10-3

Christmas Eve Service


Located at the corner of Fourth and Bank
Helping people walk in faith, hope and love

We gather for worship in rich diversity, coming together from many backgrounds, holding many perspectives, to worship one Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

We invite you to share in the journey.

109A Fourth Avenue
Ottawa, ON
K1S 2L3



Office Hours Mon-Wed 8-4 Thurs-Fri 10-3

As people of faith, we seek to center our lives on Jesus Christ. We seek to present Christ to all people in a creative and caring way by our music, our words and our deeds.

We seek to create a loving environment where everyone is accepted and can grow to his or her full potential in Jesus Christ through service, worship, outreach, fellowship and discipleship.