Church Leadership and Staff

Church Council


The Council is a representative body including one person from each of the commissions, the treasurer, clerk, moderator, and vice-moderator. The council meets each month to hear the process of the commissions, plan future church-wide events and develop and approve the church budget.


Treasurer: Musa Zimba
Clerk: Emily Weick
Moderator: Margaret Kennedy
Vice-Moderator: Parker Beals


The Deacons' Commission


Friends choose seven persons from among you whom everyone trusts, persons full of the Holy Spirit and good sense, and we’ll assign them the task of helping with the care of the poor.  And we will stick to preaching and teaching. (Paraphrase Acts 6:2-4)


The Deacons are a four to a six-member commission, who along with the Minister of Congregation, are responsible for the work of the church which impacts the lives of the community. This commission supports the needs of the congregation through new initiatives, existing programs, and special services, including Lord’s Supper, baptism, and supervision of church benevolences. This commission is also responsible for the ministries which impact our children and youth. The commission oversees the work of the Sunday school, Junior and Senior High youth groups and the ministry to college and careers. 


Each member and adherent have a deacon responsible for keeping them connected to the church and with whom they may shares joys, concerns and prayer requests.

Deacon Naylor-Rose Ashley

Deacon Parker Beals

Deacon Mark Faassen

Deacon Gary MacDonell


The Trustees' Commission


But since we have special gifts which differ in accordance with the diversified work graciously entrusted to us, if it is prophecy, let the prophet speak in exact proportion to his faith; if it is the gift of administration, let the administrator exercise a sound judgment in his duties. (Romans 12:7, Weymouth N.T)


The Trustees are custodians of the church building, managers of church employees and all rental use of the church building and property. This four to six-person commission is the church’s legal representatives to the Province of Ontario and responsible for the safekeeping of all legal documents.


This commission acts on general repairs and maintenance, annual financial audits, church decorations, and financial support of the church, both through regular gifts and special fundraising events.


Trustee Rick Borden

Trustee Tyson Cook

Trustee Carly Farmer
Trustee Michael Hanna

Trustee Yvonne Johnson
Trustee Wayne Mackinnon




Minister: Reverend Cheryle Hanna
Church Administrator: Allison Armstrong
Organist: Sharon Adams

Choir Director: Vanessa Lumpkin
Custodian: Denis Bouchard

Haven Too Coordinator: Brandon Rabideau