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Lent 2020
 Tuesdays, Mar 17 to Apr 7 2020, 7 p.m.
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Christ is for Us,
author April Yamasaki
The seven-week study includes commentary and reflection on readings for the Old Testament, the Gospels, and the Epistles.  It will help participants understand, appreciate and engage in meaningful and life-changing spiritual practices and offer gratitude for God's salvation through Jesus Christ.
Originally released in 2016, Christ is for Us invites readers to explore God's saving and redeeming love through a seven-week study of the scripture readings for Lent and Easter. Key bible passages call us to embrace God's salvation ad the new life offered to us through Christ.

Week 6
The Passion of Christ
Isaiah 50:4-9
Philippians 2:5-11
Matthew 27:11-54

It may come of a surprise – this week’s study bypasses Jesus’ triumphant entrance to Jerusalem, the foot washing and the last supper. “As we enter this last week of lent, we enter Jesus’ passion.” (pg. 84) it is difficult to separate the servant from the suffering. The text this week looks deeply at what it means to serve. We each are called to serve in our own way. There is no single answer but depending on who we are there are right answers.

In Isaiah the third of four ‘servant songs’ is presented. This servant song speaks of the willingness of the servant to suffer and the deep trust the servant has in God. Whether the servant is a single person or an entire kingdom, the suffering and the trust in God are the same.

From the letter to the church in Philippi we are privileged with an ancient hymn extoling the virtues of a servant we know well – Jesus Christ. The church uses hymns as a way to easily convive rich theology and meaning. This hymn is no exception. The hymn lays out attributes of Jesus Christ as a servant to be imitated by all Christians. It is not always easy but to God be the glory!

The text from Matthew’s gospel seems to bring us back where we began with a suffering servant. The servant is Jesus Christ and the sufferings are humiliation, beatings and death. The story reads like a graphic novel, except no one comes to save the person in distress. Do are hearts break for the one who suffered or because we cannot see ourselves suffering in the same way or trusting God as much as we suffer?

Music Ministry: Temporarily Suspended

The instruments and voices focused on Contemporary music practice 6:00 - 6:30 PM, in the parlour. The rehearsal of hymns and anthems begins 6:30 Thursdays in the Sanctuary.

Centretown Churches Social Action Committee Newsletter

re Centretown Emergency Food Centre


In the first months of 2020, the Centretown Emergency Food Centre served over 1500 clients. Thus, the CEFC Management Committee knows the importance of keeping the Centre open during the COVID-19 lockdown, especially when so many other service organizations have been forced to close.

However, significant challenges had to be overcome. The CEFC facilities are too small to allow adequate social distancing, and many of our volunteers are over 65 and thus at greater risk from the virus.

Yet with an enormous effort and great ingenuity, Kerry Kaiser and her team have managed. Throughout March, along with support from the Ottawa Food Bank, Centre 507 and Somerset West Community Health Centre, CEFC has been able to distribute prepackaged hampers to our clients.

However, as the virus continues to spread in Ottawa, the Management Committee has reluctantly decided to reduce hours of service to clients. For the immediate future, the Centre will be open to serve clients from 12 noon to 1 pm only, Monday and Friday. We will continue to monitor the situation and adjust as necessary.

Financial contributions to help defray unexpected expenses are welcome. Donations can be made via the CCSAC website (

Check out our new Facebook link at:


In February, CCSAC Board members participated in a successful food drive at McKeen Metro in the Glebe. A total of $1,494 was raised in cash donations, and food items valued at $1,380 were received on behalf of the Centretown Emergency Food Centre (CEFC).

CEFC Management Committee Chair Allison Dingle noted, “The money raised will be a great help with our food purchases, especially during these late winter months when we must buy most of the fresh fruits and vegetables we offer our clients. The large amount of food donated will help us fill our storage room and shelves.”


CCSAC Chair Kristine Burr, accompanied by Martha Musgrove, was recently invited to give a presentation to the Men’s Fellowship group of St. Andrew’s Ottawa.

Kris provided the meeting with an overview of CCSAC, noting our history of identifying and responding to community needs in the core of Ottawa. She then described current projects, including the Centretown Emergency Food Centre (CEFC), an annual prayer breakfast, an annual dinner to thank CEFC volunteers, an Advent service and luncheon and outreach to our church members and the wider community through our website and newsletter.

Martha spoke about how CCSAC’s Outreach Committee has initiated informal consultations with faith and non-faith communities to determine if there are new social needs in our catchment area, and if so, what role CCSAC might play in addressing some of these concerns.  Our presentation was followed by a lively question and answer session during which the Men’s Fellowship members provided their views on key social challenges in the Ottawa core and possible CCSAC responses.  At the conclusion of a stimulating evening, the Men’s Fellowship presented CCSAC with a cheque for $2,000. This support is most appreciated.



Last September, the Bronson Centre Inc. was awarded a five-year, $2.1 million grant from the New Horizons for Seniors program of Employment and Social Development Canada to develop a unique, location-based initiative. The goals of the new program, Bronson Hub, are “to learn together, build relationships, create projects and work to improve seniors’ inclusion and reduce social isolation.” The Hub’s focus will be intergenerational and cross-cultural.


Members of the CCSAC outreach committee met recently with Program Manager Pat Kelly and Arts and Projects Coordinator Alicia Borisonik to learn more about the Hub.

Pat explained that the Bronson Centre has excellent physical resources that could be developed further to offer more services to the surrounding community, especially seniors living in isolation.

Encore Fashions - Temporarily Suspended

Encore Fashions is an “Almost New" Apparel Shop. The shop features high-end designer fashions in good-as-new condition, all in support of local Ottawa charities.

Encore Fashions is temporarily closed until further notice.  Regular hours  will be Wednesday 10 am to 2 pm, Thursday 4 to 6 pm, and Saturday 10 am to 1 pm. The shop is staffed by volunteers from the church and community.

Haven Too - still open 

Fourth Avenue’s Emergency Shelter Operates Each Thursday, 10 pm until 9 am.


Fourth Avenue Baptist Church, 109 A Fourth Avenue, Ottawa, ON K1S 2L3


Sunday School and Youth Group

At Fourth Avenue Baptist we believe the years of early childhood and onward are critical in faith development. During each period of transition, we choice to be intentional as we invest in each age group. 

Birth to three years old

Within weeks of birth we invite parent to bring their child to the altar for prayer. We pray for the health and progress of the child and dedicate the parents to God’s purposes in the life of their child. Each Sunday the parents are encouraged to bring the child and keep them in worship. We understand children can be fussy at times and welcome their presence.  There is also a ‘quiet’ room in the rear of the sanctuary where the parents may settle the child if they wish.

Elementary Years

These little ones are invited to the front of the sanctuary for a special word to the children called Lessons for the Heart. After their word they are invited to join a teacher for activities and further study. 

Youth Group

Fourth Avenue Baptist Church Youth gather weekly; each  Friday evening at 7pm. Fourth Avenue partners with youth from MacPhail Memorial Baptist Church.  During the year, we also partner with our OBA churches for up to three events; winter retreats, No Other Name (a Good Friday event), and the Great Glebe Garage Sale, in the Glebe. Fourth Avenue utilizes Right Now Media for Youth Group programming.