Fourth Avenue Baptist Church is pleased you chose us for your wedding. Here are a few notes on Weddings at Fourth.

Wedding Ceremony Guidelines

Fourth Avenue Baptist Church is pleased to offer the use of its facilities and personnel for those planning to enter into a Christian marriage.  A Christian wedding is a joyous celebration of love, wherein the couple should come soberly into the presence of God seeking God’s blessing and wisdom for their marriage.  At the wedding, a couple enters into a sacred covenant with God and each other through the vows they pledge and the prayers that are offered.  All components of the service must therefore appropriately reflect the joyful Christian nature of the occasion. 

Initial Arrangements

All weddings in the church are conducted under the leadership of the Minister of Congregation, The Reverend Cheryle Hanna.  Therefore, after meeting with our minister and receiving her agreement to be in charge of the wedding service, a couple may then book their wedding.  Reverend Hanna has the right and responsibility to decline a request to conduct the wedding, if in good conscience she is unable to bless it.  In making the booking, the minister shall consult with the church administrator responsible for use of church space. 

Marriage Preparation

Marriage is a life-long commitment and should not be entered into lightly.  Therefore, all couples must have some preparation through a marriage preparation course, or through a series of directed readings and sessions with the minister.  We recommend FOCCUS (Facilitating Open Couple Communication, Understanding & Study). FOCCUS has a $25.00 fee, payable to FOCCUS.

Participation of Other Clergy

A couple may wish to involve other clergy in their wedding.  The involvement and extent of involvement of such visiting ministers should be determined with and through the minister in charge.  Any honorarium given to a visiting minister is in addition to the honorarium paid to the minister in charge.



A marriage license is required and can be obtained from any city hall or municipal office in the Province of Ontario.  The License should be delivered to the church office at least one week prior to the wedding.  The couple must ensure that items 1 through 27 are completed before leaving it at the church office.


All music used in the wedding service should reflect the Christian nature of the wedding.


Videotaping of a wedding is permitted on the conditions that a flash is not used and that the video camera be placed on a tripod and kept stationary during the entire service.  The videographer is also expected to speak to the minister prior to the service for any additional instructions. 


Photographs may only be taken during the processional, signing of the register, and recessional.  A notice to this effect should be placed in the printed order of service.  The wedding photographer is expected to speak with the minister prior to the service for any additional instructions. 


Details regarding the arrival and removal of floral arrangements should be made with the Custodian at or before the wedding rehearsal.  Arrangements may not be placed on the Lord’s Supper Table.  If the wedding is taking place on a day when the church has been decorated for a special season such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Easter, those decorations will remain in place during the wedding service. 


Confetti, rice or other such material must not be used on the Church premises.  Couples are also asked to place a notice to this effect in the order of service.


The facilities of the church are available for wedding receptions, subject to the availability of space and staff.  All arrangements regarding the cost and scheduling of wedding receptions, must be made separately through the Church Administrator.

Couples must keep in mind the church does not have authority to serve alcohol on the church premises, a special permit would have to be applied and paid for by the couple.


Sanctuary             $300.00 (Free for Members or Adherents)

Minister                $300.00

Organist                $200.00

Custodian               $75.00

Sound Operator    $75.00  



It is essential that both the rehearsal and wedding start punctually at the specified time, in order to avoid conflicts with later appointments.


We ask that the applicable fees and honoraria be placed in individual envelopes and left with the minister no later than the evening of the rehearsal.