Haven Too Youth Shelter


For the rest of August

We expect to re-open on September 1st

At which point our shelter will be available once more on

Wednesdays and Thursdays

from 10 pm-9 am.

Located at the Corner of

Fourth Ave. and Bank St.

109A Fourth Avenue, Ottawa, ON K1S 2L3 haventoocoordinator@gmail.com

Haven Too is a ministry of Fourth Avenue Baptist Church. After a year-long discernment process, the congregation began this ministry to homeless youth 16-24 years old. The shelter began in partnership with Restoring Hope Ministry to operate an emergency shelter for youth, it  began in December 2015 with 14 young people sleeping overnight. Haven Too adds the fifth night to the emergency shelter offered in the City of Ottawa. Fourth Avenue Baptist Church is a registered charitable organization and currently has no full-time staff working for the shelter.  Haven Too receives no government funding and operates 52 week a year.


The goal of the ministry is to provide a good meal and a safe place for young people experiencing instability in their housing. Volunteers bring and serve the evening meal, provide conversation and connection, watch over the young people overnight and provide weekly laundry service. The ministry relies on the support and perseverance of the volunteers who offer their time to provide food, comfort and hospitality to our guests.


The shelter is manned by volunteers who provide security and develop relationships with the youth. Youth are given a hot meal, clean socks, toiletries, a clean bed, and an opportunity to enjoy a hot shower. The youth are also connected to resources within the city which help them find housing, finish school and receive help for addictions and with mental health.